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got seeds from sri lanka OKRA (haritha) also Amaranthas
dont know what to do with them would like to grow them are they veg or flower hope you can help thanks Tom



Okra is a very nice veggie , also know as ladys fingers I think. Good in curries and stews as they help to thicken the curry or stew.

They are related to the Hibiscus apparently but dont know what the flowers look like , I would imagine quite showy.

They need a lot of warmth and lots of moisture so have to be grown in a greenhouse in the UK, think about what the weather was like in Sri Lanka and try and reproduce that in a greenhouse.

I would say that it is too late to sow them for growing this year so it maybe worth saving them and sowing them in a propagator or on a windowsill next Feb time.

I don't think they are a hugely high yielding veggie but i think well worth the effort.

Hopefully I haven't put you off too much !

5 Jul, 2011


Realised I didnt respond to your second part of the question , was too busy going on about Okra.

Amaranthas, also know as love lies bleeding , not the nicest of names I know, but have long racemes of flowers that hang down usually in red ( hence the name ). Good for the back of a border to give some height as well as in pots.

They are a hardy annual so if you are quick off the mark you can have them in flower pretty quickly.

I think the seeds are quite smallish , bigger than a tobacco plant but smaller than a sunflower seed so maybe sow them in modules or small pots and then plant the seedlings out straight into the garden.

Hope this helps

5 Jul, 2011


thanks for the information

5 Jul, 2011

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