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By Lulu33

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Plant ID please. It came with no card!!




Polygonum bistorta 'superba' (now reclassified as Persicaria bistorta 'superba')

6 Jul, 2011


Looks a bit like a variety of posh clover to me, the leaves don't look quite right for bisorta, but might be way off.

6 Jul, 2011


Its definitely Persicaria, but could be P. affine, hard to tell the height of the plant from this picture, but it certainly does look strongly enough like bistorta.

6 Jul, 2011


Thanks both. The plant flowers are about 10" from the ground, the heaviness of the fluffy flowers have pulled it down a bit. The fluffy heads are about 2" long.
Just goggleing it, knotweed?? Yikes sounds like a spreader! They are so fluffy the flowers look different from the persicaria I have just seen on my screen. But they are changing texture now.
Many thanks for your help. x

6 Jul, 2011


The ones in your pic are virtually over and fluffy because they're making seed. At that height, could be P. affine - bistorta is taller. Can be invasive, particularly in damp soils.

6 Jul, 2011


Thx Bamboo. I will have to keep an eye on any invasivness. It's a new bed with some lovely flowers in....

6 Jul, 2011


sorry to argue bamboo but it looks like Trifolium rubens to me. I have this in my garden. the flowers are definetly leguminous in shape.

Lulu look at my plant profile pictures of this and is it a better match.

6 Jul, 2011


Well done that girl, I think you may be right. It is a more perfect match!
It's not quite as red as the Rubens but defo a match x

6 Jul, 2011


they do come in differing shades of red/pink.

it is a good self seeder so dead head if you want to keep it in check.

6 Jul, 2011


Will do. May collect the seeds and grow in pots. I remember the nursery sign said grows pinker as they get older plants. I wish they would warn about self seeding though! We live and learn!

6 Jul, 2011


No worries, Seaburn, the only way to learn more is to be corrected. Did you get that from the flowerheads then, Seaburngirl? Cos I can't see any trifoliate leaves in the pic, which is why I said what I said. Lulu, do the leaves fit with Trifolium?

7 Jul, 2011


Will take a pic of leaves when it's stopped raining cats and dogs!

7 Jul, 2011


I can see leaves to the left of the main flower stalks. Very long leaves unlike the more rounded clover leaf.

9 Jul, 2011


Been confirmed by Andrew in another query that your ID was correct, Seaburngirl!

10 Jul, 2011


Thanks very much both of you! Am dead heading as it starts to seed!

11 Jul, 2011

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