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Wind damaged young maple tree, any chance of recovery??

last week one of our young maples keeled over, its crown was actually touching the ground, the stem is 3/4 broken through.
i lifted it back up pressed the two halves together again and secured it to 2 stakes, now it cannt move at all. this picture was a quick first aid job.
i only removed it's supporting stakes this spring, as it had been supported for 5 years and it was time to stand on its own.
has anybody ever tried this operation?
the leaves have gone a premature red but otherwise she seems fine....
there is some growth coming from the base if she doesnt make it but i would like to save the whole tree

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That sort of thing doesn't usually work unless you can bind it together within 5 minutes of the break. Since it wasn't broken all the way through, it may still heal from the intact part, but that will take at least 5 years, also, and the trunk will always be weak at that point. If it was me, I would cut off the trunk cleanly, just above the new growth.

8 Jul, 2011


As you said it seems OK apart from early autumning, I would try strong duct tape around the break to strengthen the tree. All having the stakes that higher above the break is that it will snap again in wind. I would also thin out the canopy to lessen the amount of water required and lessen any potential wind damage.

If it survives summer and comes back next spring, I would change the duct tape in April and check if it is clean of disease.

Otherwise do what Tugbrethil has said and cut above growth below the break.

8 Jul, 2011


yes miracles dont really happen any more do they, but i was still hoping

anyway thanks Tug and Kildermorie, she's already ducted up and fingers crossed now

8 Jul, 2011


Best of luck! : )

8 Jul, 2011

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