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Our hedge of bottlebrushes (red blooms) is turning so yellow. What are we doing wrong? Are they slowly dying?

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We live in Vegas and they're on a drip system--could we possibly be overwatering?

On plant Callistemon pallidus



Hi Joannanv and welcome to GoY.

Callistemon likes plenty of water, it is also prone to fungal disease if that water does not drain away freely.

I only have a couple of them, of different types. I notice that Skippy 5869 who is from the U.S. and Marguerite, who is from Queensland, Australia are both growers of this and probably know more than me. I just 'shoved mine in' and they grew.

I suggest that if they don't pick this question up that you look them up on GoY and send one or both a private message. If they can't help then, if you can post a picture, I will contact a friend of mine who is an horticulturalist in Sydney NSW, sending a copy of your picture and see if she can help.


12 Jan, 2009

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