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Hi, I was given a Magnolia tree 8 years ago, it lives in a big pot, has been given new soil 4 times and now I want to plant it in a permanent spot, could not befor as I was moving around too often... any tips ie when, where and how? thanks!


By Silvi

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb




Well, not if your soil is frozen! They don't like to be too exposed to the wind, so choose a sunny position a bit sheltered. Your planting hole is going to be rather large, from what you've said! If the weather stays like it is at the moment, it would be fine to get it planted. Spread the roots out in the hole if you can, to give it a chance to root well. You may have to stake it, depending on its size. Backfill and tread the soil down to ensure that it doesn't suffer from wind-rock. Water it in, and make sure you water it regularly for its first year.

Good luck - I hope it thrives.

13 Jan, 2009


We are agreeing again Spritz (obviously we are back on form). I would just add, that I would do it as soon as possible (no frost at the moment) to give it chance to settle before it kicks back into growth. I did one in December.


13 Jan, 2009


Magnolias do not like root disturbance and supposedly prefer to be moved in spring so any root damage stands a good chance of being made good. I would be inclined not to disturb the roots too much unless they are growing in circles inside the pot. Make sure the hole is much wider than the rootball with lots of organic matter in the soil used to refill it

13 Jan, 2009

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