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Pruning of Ribes...Flowering Currant


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

I am asking this question on behalf of Mum.......could anyone tell her when to prune Flowering Currant please...would it be after flowering in the Spring or Autumn? It has a smell I like so don't know why she wants to bother :o)
Also ~Andrew...the Sarcococos...can she plant one in a tub near the back of the house...would it be okay?.....Saying that though she'll have to move my food dish....Humph.........

On plant Ribes....Flowering currant



Hi Janey - I have a flowering current in my front garden and I thin the branches out in autumn and then, when the new growth starts in spring, I cut back to a nice fat bud. Don't know if this is the correct thing to do but my plant is surviving and not outgrowing its space. I also get plenty of flowers on it each year.

13 Jan, 2009


Thanks for that Gee...I have one that need a good prune but I didn't want to take of the forming flower buds.....last year there weren't that many flowers.

13 Jan, 2009


Any shrub or climber that flowers in the first half of the year does so on wood made the previous season. So pruning in autumn removes all the wood that will carry the flowers! Instead, it should be done as the flowers fade.(see my two blogs on pruning written in January/Februrary 2008).
The sarcococca should be OK in a tub as long as the position is shady. Make sure the soil doesn't dry out and feed or topdress annually after flowering. And no peeing on it just because your food dish got moved!!! :-D

13 Jan, 2009


Thanks for that Andrew...I must remember the rule...I'm going to look at your blogs about it. You have such a wonderful selection of plants in your garden.....amazing!
A simple one I really liked is the the Ribes White Icicle...I'm going to look out for that one......Will think about the Sarcococca as Roly has a glint in his eye! :o)

13 Jan, 2009

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