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I have a stags horn sumach which is around 3 years old. It flowers well, but the red cones are hidden by the amount of leaves it has. Can somone please advise me if and when I can thin out the excess branches and which ones to lop off. Quite a few smaller branches seem to come off when touched.
Any help would be most appreciated.



Can be cut back hard in winter when its dormant - but this sometimes increases the number of suckers off the roots hugely. If you just want to expose the red cones more, clip off anything blocking the view of them, but don't take too much, best done late August.

11 Jul, 2011


Thanks for taking the time to respond.
When you say winter are we taking mid to late November? And can i cut it back to the main stems?

17 Jul, 2011


Late November, December I mean. I wouldn't cut it back that far - these trees are known for producing suckers anyway, and cutting back to nothing but the main stems may well encourage prolific suckering, but obviously, I haven't seen the tree and therefore can't make a proper judgement about it.

18 Jul, 2011


thank you

24 Jul, 2011

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