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hi can anyone help me? our neighbour is halfway through builing a deck in his garden the problem is when they stand on the deck they are higher than our 6ft garden fence so they can see straight into our garden is this ok for them to do or not can anyone help?



Hi and welcome to GoY. Unfortunately yes your neighbour can have decking that mean hen standing up they can see over the hedge.

11 Jul, 2011


Yes I am afraid they can.But surely it can be only a foot or so above if you share a fence? As long as its not on the boundary (so they cannot object to the height) you can erect/grow some sort of screen that will block their view such as 8-10ft shrubs or a pergola with climbers?

11 Jul, 2011


Yes, i'd plant tall shrubs there too, i'd buy established specimens that are already 6' high - it'd be worth the cost !

12 Jul, 2011


thow theres generaly rules on how high you can have afence as such which is around 78" . the good thing is you can have trelliss as tall as you want and get some nice climbers on there .

12 Jul, 2011

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