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Thanks. Could you explain what u mean by 'forcing' the weeds..I thought the membrane stops the weeds from growing! (I got major couch roots out but not all the threads.)



Hello Poustinia,
Yes you can put the membrane on top, it will force many weeds into growth.
I hope you have most of the perennial roots out i.e. couch.
After about six weeks you can roll off the membrane with many weeds growing through it. I would recommend growing mostly potatoes this year, so when you dig them you will be able to clean the ground further, then you can follow the potato crop with brassicas. It does not stop you having a small area for other veg.
Hope this helps.

14 Jan, 2009


hi poustinia,
as you are starting a veg plot from 'scratch' , you should try to rotate the crops you grow ,so divide your plot into 3.
1...root crops, no manure
2 brassicas , manure & lime
3 hungry crops , manure
you should consider using raised beds , lots of imformation on here.but whatever system you decide to use , a good double dig with plenty of manure in bed3 , a little less in 2 and none in 1, would be a good start.if you 'google' crop rotation , there is a wealth of info to be found. have fun.................steve

14 Jan, 2009


hi again poustinia, raised beds require less digging , are more productive and you dont stoop so much , so it's easier on the old back!
double digging is maybe a bit old fashioned , but does give the ground a good turn-over ,, which benefits drainage , gets the manure well mixed in and cleans all the weeds's what my dad always did , i had to use raised beds because the ground beneath my veg garden has old tree roots , concrete paths , and lots of stones. so i put down a good membrane and built raised beds, filled with soil / compost and they have been very productive, hope this helps...................steve

17 Jan, 2009

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