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strange bud on philodendron

dorset, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me what the proper name of this plant is and will this bud come to anything.

On plant Philodendron




hi Plumbism, welcome to GOY, the proper name is Philodendron, but i am guessing you want the variety for it, it is hard to tell shape of leaf from this picture, but i think it is a P.hastatum or P.domesticm. the common name is Elephant's Ear Philodendron and you are very lucky to have a bud apprently they rarely flower or fruit as house plants, so fingers crossed you will get a nice flower soon. looks healthy enough, all though one little peice of advice, maybe a gentle wipe over with a warm damp cloth would be a good idea lol. would love to see a pic if it does do the business for you.

14 Jan, 2009

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