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Can you help me identify my house plant!

Netherlands Nl

I bought this plant a year ago and it had ared flame like (flower?) growing from the centre. The lady in the shop said it was called an olympic flame but im not sure as this doesnt seem to come up in any searches. Can you please help me identify it?




I think it is a Heliconia, and you can see a photo of a plant similar to yours if you Google 'heliconia olympic torch'

14 Jan, 2009


Thank you!

14 Jan, 2009


Hi Ruth, welcome to GOY, i have a feeling this could be a Calathea, i have had a quick look through my books to confirm it, can't find a plain green leaf one with red flowers, but i am sure there is one....i am on my way out, at the moment, so if no one esle can confirm or give a variety for you, i will do further investigating for you later, in the meantime why not type 'calathea' into google you may be able to find a match.

14 Jan, 2009


yes Gray Heliconia was another i was looking at, another possiblity, although this looks as if the leaves are a bit soft for Heliconia, Where did you buy it from Ruth?

14 Jan, 2009


yes this is olympic flame....check the backs of the leaves - should be red veins...
also the flower you did have...these usually grow a leaf from the end of each flower

found a link to help you confirm it

i have one too...which i am struggling to find on...

the flowers are beautiful - how long did yours last?
- i have four flowers at present

keeping mine in the hall which gets afternoon (indirect sunlight) and usualy temp of approx 65-70 deg. only watering when the soil is bone dry...would love someone to advise also

haven't a clue what i am doing though

9 May, 2009

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