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Sorry for talking about overwintering already but I am going away mid-August for 4 months and would like to know how to overwinterin the plants in the picture. The (staked) plant on right is Abutilon Megapotanicum, centre is Virginia Creeper, left is Clematis Elsa Spath. My garden is south facing and the plants will get winter sun. Thanks very much




Don't know the professional answer, but we lived abroad and came home at the wrong time for gardening,so everything was left. My clematis whether early or late flowering all got the same treatment... a good haircut and feed. Either in April or July.They have done really well. Know this is not the way but sometimes that's how it is.

So, unless we have really severe weather before your return I should just let nature take it's course and re-adjust in the spring. May not be the long term answer but in the short term?????/

12 Jul, 2011


I wouldn't do anything to any of them. I expect they'll be fine, temperature-wise. If you could get a neighbour to water them if you don't have any rain for a week or so it might be a good idea.

12 Jul, 2011


Hmmmm... I would say protect your abutilon over winter Scubasteve, Do you have a greenhouse or conservatory where it could over winter?
Your virginia creeper will be OK...mine came through last winter and we had temps of minus 20 degrees here in Cheshire!! Likewise your clematis should be OK.
Can't tell from your pic, but are your plants in small pots? Might be worth planting out your creeper and clematis before you leave them.
Have a good trip :)

12 Jul, 2011


Are they growing in pots??? Why havn't you put them in the ground where they can be comfortable? Puddleduck's right - get them in the ground. I have two Abutilon megapotamicum and they came through last winter, no problem. I've had other Abutilons that were more tender, but I reckon that that one may well be OK where it is - provided you plant it in the ground!

12 Jul, 2011


They are all planted out you will be pleased to know! The blue ceramic you can see in pic is a broken pot that I put into protect base of clematis. I dont have a greenhouse or conservatory Puddleduck so I assume just abit of mulch around the base it is then? Is it best to let all three plants grow up pergola? I was thinking about letting the creeper climb up pergola and put up another small trellis in front for the climber and abutilon to climb up. Any ideas much appreciated

13 Jul, 2011


Phew! They're in the ground! :-) I'd just let them get on with it and not fiddle around with extra trellis. Have a good trip! :-)

13 Jul, 2011

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