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repotting a fig


By Elleme

Greater London, England Eng

I had a impulse buy yesterday (naughty me) and bought a little fig tree in Wilkos. I assumed it would be bare-rooted but it's in a small pot with the roots just starting to grow out of the end. I'm intending to keep it as a container tree, and read in the Fruit Expert that figs should be in a 15 inch pot. Obviously that would swamp it right now, so should I save on compost for the mo and just put it into an intermediate sized pot?

Also, should I keep it inside for the time being or put it out in the unheated greenhouse? I know they should be ok outside in London, but as it's been sitting at least for a short while in a warm bright shop and still has leaves on it, I'm unsure whether this is a good time for it to experience a sudden dip in temperature.

On plant Ficus carica



I think if it has leaves on it, do keep it in your greenhouse. For the first winter a fig can be quite tender, but I have had them here stand up to minus 8 to minus 10. that's only a couple of times a year of course. I love fresh figs, do you know what variety it is ? or what colour fruit it gives?

15 Jan, 2009


Keep it indoors until all threat of frost has passed, then in the Spring, buy your 15" pot and transfer it over. If you are keeping it in the pot make sure you use John Innes No3 which is a soil based compost. If you want figs put it up against a sunny wall, but if you want it for the foliage you can place it in semi-shade. Keep it watered when it gets really dry, and give it some liquid tomato feed when the figs are growing

15 Jan, 2009


Oh, by the way, I forgot to say that figs are deciduous so don't worry if the leaves drop off

15 Jan, 2009


Lil, none of the fruit in there had species names, which is a bit annoying, but I guess that's the tradeoff for the cheap price. I guessed it might be Brown Turkey if most of them in the UK are, but I can't be 100% sure.

Andrea, I love fresh figs and would like the chance for some, although I find the foliage quite decorative too! Unfortunately there's not an inch of space by any sunny walls right now, but I think I can give it a bit of sun in another spot and if I take anything out later on, I will know where to move the pot.

Thanks to both of you!

15 Jan, 2009


While I agree with Andrea's recommendation of using John Innes No3 compost, I would also mix in some horticultural grit. JI composts can be pretty dense and I think the fig would be happier in a more free-draining potting mix.
Figs also fruit better when the roots are congested so you might consider using a smaller pot to start with and moving up to a 15" several years down the line

16 Jan, 2009


Thanks Andrew, I'll bear your comments in mind.

16 Jan, 2009


I have 3 fig trees here and they all have been planted on a mound originally, so free draining they must like, I garden on clay. they really must have a hot spot though as the fruit itself is only nice to eat when it has heated by the sun, yummy !!

17 Jan, 2009

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