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When is best to plant a Pyracantha? I'm almost finished preparing my clay soil, have dug loads of rotted manure into the soil and hopefully that will improve the soil a bit. I'm just worried that if i plant it it autumn, it may not survive the winter, so would it be best to leave it until spring now? Also have the same issue with a honeysuckle i want to plant on the other fence, is it best to wait til spring? Thanks.



If your honeysuckle is a deciduous climber (not evergreen) then autumn is the best time to plant it. The same goes for pyracantha - it is extremely hardy and is more at risk in a pot in arctic conditions than in the ground.

13 Jul, 2011


Thanks Bamboo, that's good news because i went out and bought a firethorn today! :) I'm going for a wildlife friendly planting scheme so i was thinking of the graham thomas honeysuckle, i think its a deciduous one?

Just another quick question (sorry) does the pyracantha need wire support up the fence or does it self support?
Wish id splurged and bought the honeysuckle as well! LOL

13 Jul, 2011


No, you don't need support for the pyracantha, despite the fact they're usually sold tied to a cane - its a freestanding shrub, but does better with a fence or wall directly behind it. The honeysuckle you mention is indeed deciduous.

13 Jul, 2011


Fabulous :) I'll wait until the end of next month/beginning sept then to buy the honeysuckle so i can plant it out straight away. Is it possible to leave the pyracantha in its pot until then? Or plant it out and keep it well watered through the rest of "summer" :D

Oh and when i plant it, do i plant it straight or slightly leaned towards the fence like you do with climbers? Sorry for all the questions, i'm a total newbie.

14 Jul, 2011


Its easier to keep the pyracantha watered in its pot than it will be in the ground, frankly, at this time of year, so just make sure it doesn't dry out and then plant when autumn arrives. Plant upright, you don't need to lean it, and don't plant less than a foot away from the wall or fence behind it, preferably leave at least 18 inches between the centre of the plant and the wall behind, but if you can only manage a foot away, then so be it.

14 Jul, 2011


Brilliant advice, thanks Bamboo!

14 Jul, 2011

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