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my euphorbia is not blooming

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I have several euphorbia that seem to be healthy but they are not blooming in spring / early summer as normal. Have had this species before but these are new plants in new location. Now on third year. Do you need to cut them back to the ground?

On plant Euphorbia characias - wulfenii



They should be chopped back after flowering to encourage new growth to form (from which they flower). The trick with euphorbias is to hold back the watering or improve their drainage or both, they are much happier in situations where we might ordinarily add water. Another reason for them not flowering is the light levels where they're located. Wulfenii requires heaps of bright sun.

18 Jan, 2009


Euphorbias flower on the shoots grown the previous year, so only cut off the old flowered stems in summer or when tatty. Cut each one off right down to its base but don't cut any that didn't flower.

19 Jan, 2009

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