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What Garden Fork should I buy?


By Sal1914

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have bent my garden fork yet again... what rubbish do they make them out of these days? I always end up with 2 prongs facing one way and 2 facing the other way.

Has anyone got a suggestion as to what I should buy as a replacement, that might last the distance?



Go to B&Q and get a Wilkinson Sword brand, if it breaks/or becomes unusable then they will replace it up to 10 years after the purchase. I have broken several spades in half!! They always replace them!

19 Jan, 2009


It's best to "fork" out a bit more money on one with a warranty Sal. Having learned the hard way that is what I do now. Wilkinson Sword are a good company. Corona is also good.

20 Jan, 2009


My ground has lots of flints in it and I now stick with the three-pronged fork I finished up with. Didn't expect stainless steel to just fracture like that.

20 Jan, 2009


It depends upon you and what you want to do with it. My most used fork is a regular affair that has proved itself and owes me nothing. Expensive stainless steel examples are unnecessary.

My mother has a much narrower fork with shorter prongs which I describe as a 'cutlery fork'. But joking aside, it is very useful for digging up buttercups beneath other plants! Bear in mind that a large fork laden with clay soil is a very heavy affair so don't be swayed so much by advertisements but do get what you feel you can be comfortable with.

I once paid over the odds for a spade (not a fork I know) with a 25 year guarantee and it looked very nice in the shop. But I did so much heavy digging that it snapped at the junction between wood and steel. It was quickly replaced and subsequently split right up through the handle after a further 10 months. Further replacements were refused. I then bought a 'cheap' throwaway example and it's since served me well for the past four years! You just can't tell sometimes.

21 Jan, 2009


Yes, go for a good one, cheap tools are not a good idea. Or how about looking round in a car boot sale for an old one? If it has survived this long it should be good.

21 Jan, 2009


Thank you for some really good suggestions!
Am going to hunt out the Wilkinson Sword brand to check them out and might just make it to a car boot sale, if I can get up early enough! Ha
A lot of my soil is heavy clay and I've already found that tools that are heavy to start with are totally unmanageable by a weed like me once they've got soil stuck to them!
Thanks again

23 Jan, 2009


Weeds like you? Border size would be best then, I find them much more manageable.

24 Jan, 2009


i have had my Wilkinson sword fork for 5 years and would not use anything else, also got the spade and shears. think they also do different sizes for long and short people !

28 Jan, 2009

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