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Last year I had hardly any fruit on either my Victoria Plum or my Damson. I know they used to have lots because my new neighbours told me. The few plums I did have were covered in a sticky, glue like substance. Should I be spraying them now as a prevention, or was it just last year's very poor summer do you think?



We normally collect somewhere in the region of 2 cwts of Damsons a year, last year we got............10, that is 10 damsons not pounds! Plums? Again we got none at all on the early ones and a handful on the late ones. Blame the weather.
The damage is insect related, not much you can do about it. Spray the trees now with a Winter Wash (Insecticidal soap) it kills off bugs over wintering in the bark.
Pray for a better warmer spring otherwise.

21 Jan, 2009


We had next to nothing on our Victoria plum last year. I think it was too cold when the flowers were out and there weren't enough insects around to pollinate it. The sticky bits are where an insect bites the fruit,I wouldn't bother spraying.

21 Jan, 2009


Thanks for the advice.I am so pleased to hear that it isn't just me - the previous owner of the garden had lived here for 43 years so I would hate to kill off her fruit trees!

21 Jan, 2009

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