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Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I was wondering which bench to get for the end of my garden.
Don't want anything too expensive but then don't want something that is going to warp in 5 minutes.
So I'm definitely going for hardwood.

I have looked through dozens of websites and it seems that Teak benches start from about £250, I have found a nice looking Acacia bench for £100-£120 (depending on the size)
Would be nice to get some feedback from other members



Hi Fleurdemai,
From my experience with Teak and Acacia, often the timbers used are very thin and over the years algae builds up and decay appears quickly at the back end of the seat. All treatments I have used have not prevented this. In recent years I have found that jet washing the furniture in March gives you a clean surface for most of the summer.
I have made many rustic benches with Larch, (tanelised) and with the thickness of round timbers they prove to outlive the more expensive Teak etc.
Hope this helps in your choice.

22 Jan, 2009


Thanks Doc,
Thinking about it I could probably make one myself while I'm at home with the puppies for the next few weeks.
I've made a pagola and gates recently and I am a builder...
Doh...Sometimes it needs someone on the outside to point out the obvious answer.
My wife did spot one made of Eucalyptus she really liked, Would that fare any better?
I do have a really good jet washer if needed, does it help if you oil the timber?

22 Jan, 2009


Hi again FD,
What a brilliant idea, I almost suggested you make your own but I thought that was a bit presumptuous as not everyone fancies the idea.
As you are a builder it should be very easy for you.
If you can bear with me, I am just literally off to the Hospital for an eye operation in 5 minutes, so I will be out of touch for the rest of the day.
I will PM you tomorrow and we can take it from there.

22 Jan, 2009


The other thing that will help a wooden bench to last is to get a cover for it for the winter. I bought one a few years ago - paid about £15 if I recall. I've also read that standing it on bricks for winter assists in stopping the legs from rotting but I've not tried this

22 Jan, 2009


Thanks Andrewr, I have a big blue canvas I use at work sometimes I'll cover it with that.
I was thinking of cutting a couple of squares out of the grass and laying a couple of slabs as we have heavy clay soil. Help stop the legs rotting and sinking at the same time. :o)
Think I will definitely build it myself as I'll be around the house for another couple of weeks. Lunas pups imminent and Lizzie due in 2 weeks...
I just need to work out which timber would be best to use now..

22 Jan, 2009

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