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?s d name of this INDIAN HERBAL PLANT called KHARKHARAA in HINDI?It gives cool soothing sensation in mouth when chewd

Himachal Pradesh, India In

Picture shows a young bloom,then mature flowerfruit,and then the plant




Hi, is this plant a small perennial plant, or a tree or shrub? I am sorry, but the photos aren't that clear. If you could be a bit more descriptive or provide clearer pictures that would be great.
You could try asking a herbologist, they are really good at identifying this sort of thing.

22 Jan, 2009


You asked this question on the 17th, 20th, 21st and twice today Naxiketa. I checked it with an Indian friend on the 17th and told you Berberis karkaralensis or a close relative.

22 Jan, 2009


I think it could be Holy Basil or Ocimum sanctum, the leaves are green and sometimes have a purple tinge like the ones on your picture. The flowers I have seen come in various colours. It is used in Hindi medicine and has numerous healing properties, I have ordered some seeds online!!. I have looked at the Berberis and unfortunately couldn't find any medicinal properties, or in fact a plant called karkaralensis. Welcome to the site and i hope you find out what this is. A picture of the whole plant would be helpful

22 Jan, 2009

There are a few sites that cover it Andrea. None that stress it's medicinal properties but according to my friend and ex-colleague it really hasn't got any. It is just a pleasant chew. But what would an Indian physician know?

22 Jan, 2009


Acmella oleracea or Spilanthes acmella known as the Toothache plant or the Eyeball plant. All credit goes to Rudeboyz one of our GOY members who solved this mystery, well done him, his comments can be seen on another question posted by Naxiketa. Sorry Sarraceniac, definitely not a berberis.

25 Jan, 2009


This is Known as Akarkara and the fruit in your hand is Marethi.
This is used for throat problems and in sex products
Rajesh Vyas

14 Feb, 2009

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