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How well does the Korean Pine respond to trimming?

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I bought a specimen in November 2006. For 3 years I have brought it indoors at Xmas . It is still less than 5' high. Could I leave it potbound for 1 last Xmas...if so is it ok to lightly trim some of the branches to maintain its shape....and allow me to get it through the door!?

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Hi Jibbyski You can trim back quite safely to where there is a bud showing, note the direction in which it is pointing so help to keep shapely tree. I have grown one of these for about many years as a single tree in a pot. and have several about 4ft. high still in a 10 litre pot. The leading shoot stays short if tree is confined to a pot, repotting makes for a tall leader that sometimes looks strange if the tree has grown slowly.

24 Jan, 2009


Ah, now that explains why my Abies has a really long leader since I repotted it! Thanks Poaannua! Will the rest of the plant catch up eventually?

13 Dec, 2011

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