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I was given a parrot plant about 4 years ago. It was quite small and has grown into some what of a tree. It's my pride and joy. It out grew the pot so i re-planted it recently. the compose i used must of had some type of grub in it which i did not know. my beautiful plant has gone all floppy and doesnt look good. Im devastated. can anything help it?



'It's not dead, it's just resting'

Oh, the Monty Python sketch has just sprung to mind, not very helpful, but I just PMSL LOLxx

This might be more helpful, a thread from a while back on GOY on Parrot plant problems

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22 Jan, 2009



I can't add anything to what Andrearrichter said about your parrot plant but mine is has also lost all it's leaves but the stem seems healthy. As for the white grubs you found in the compost, if they are small, white maggot like grubs which are curled into a comma type shape then they are probably the larva of the vine weevil and they feed on the roots. You can buy a killer fo these at gardening centres. You mix the powder with water and water it onto your plants.

23 Jan, 2009


I used to have this plant - it's very unusual isn't it - unfortunately (kicking myself here) I left it out on a very cold night and that did for it :-( Do you think your plant might have got too cold like mine? As it is a succulent, I think the fact that it's gone floppy is a rather bad sign I'm afraid..... I hope it is not an 'Ex-Parrot' LOL Andrea!

23 Jan, 2009


My parrot plant is on the kitchen window cill and all the leaves fell off. The central stem remained firm and noe it is budding along the stem. A couple of the buds are now about 12mm long (1/2 inch)

2 Feb, 2009

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