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Looking for identity of this tree.


By Wagger

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

This tree grows a few miles away from me and I want one but can't find out what it is. Here's a photo of the foliage and berries. There's a picture of the trunk in my pics - it's covered in what look like rose thorns, very odd.




Is it a False Acacia, Robinia?

24 Jan, 2009


I think it may be aralia spinosa, also known as The Devil's Walking Stick, Hercules' club or Japanese Angelica.
It's not a robinia because that is in the pea family so will have seed pods, not berries

24 Jan, 2009


At first glance I thought it was an elder of some type but having seen the photo of the trunk, I agree with Andrewr. The Aralia spinosa has another knickname -spiny elder. Although it is not an elder (which don't have spines) it has a similar leaf and produces black berries. Another possibility is Zanthoxylum clava-herculis which is also called the spiny elder, Hercules club etc. although again is unrelated.


25 Jan, 2009


That's brilliant, Andrew and Sarra - thank you both so much. Looking at images of that the foliage is identical, and the trunk. I hope I will now be able to source one through Plant Finder and I will then be a happy bunny.

25 Jan, 2009


Most of the aralias (if that's what it is) have a tendancy to sucker. You may be able to get the owner of this tree to give you one of them

25 Jan, 2009


Should just add. Whether it is Aralia or Zanthoxylum it is poisonous. Most bits of the elder tree are poisonous, but don't try making wine from these. Both of these are totally noxious.


25 Jan, 2009


I wondered about the way it had a ring of younger saplings round it. I don't think Wycombe District Council are that generous-spirited, Andrew.
I'll carry on getting my wine in bottles then,John.
Thanks for the information, both of you.

26 Jan, 2009

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