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soil and lawn

cork, Ireland Ie

i am digging up my garden shortly and i was wondering what could i add to the soil before i start seeding it as the soil may not be great also what could i do to kill any weeds william.



Dig the whole area through with a spade, making a trench as you go, digging out any weeds. Rake stones into the trenches. Leave till the end of February, top dress with a fine layer of compost. Rake over. Tread the ground down firmly, rake over. Give it a fortnight to see if any weeds come through. Rake again, sow seeds.

26 Jan, 2009


The biggest mistake most people make with laying a lawn is to provide insufficient soil depth. We've all seen yellow, even white lawns in high summer because the builders left new households with just 4 inches of topsoil. A good lawn is based upon a compost that's 18 inches deep at least. This provides an ample reservoir of water and nutrients for this hungry, fast growing plant to thrive on.

27 Jan, 2009

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