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is it ok to strim knee high grass in winter?

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the area is a rough patch of land which has been left wild for a few years. would it damage future growth doing it in cold conditions?



Strim the grass now, clean off what has been cut.
It will blanch but will recover. Best done now than later.

28 Jan, 2009


I agree, don't take a lawn mower to it now, just strim or use hand held hedge trimmers to cut it down to a couple of inches. Use a grass rake to collect the cuttings and it should be ok until the spring when it starts to grow again and you can cut it with a mower, don't be too eager to get it too flat with the first cut in Spring.

28 Jan, 2009


Yes, it will be ok to strim now, just make sure you remove the cut grass

28 Jan, 2009

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