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I have some leeks which have gone very high and have pompom like flowerheads. bees seem intoxicated by them and bed themselves into the heads, they look really cute.Ive had up to 5 bees on one head its amazing to watch and I get very close and they seem so enamoured they just carry on ,different flies go on them too but its the bees that is so amusing. I will try to add photos soon but can anyone shed any light on this phenonem



Possibly the heads are forming because of heat and/or drought, or, if they overwintered--not likely, this year--they may have simply had time to mature fully. If you don't have any Elephant Garlic blooming nearby, you could save this seed for next year's crop.

27 Jul, 2011


Your leeks have 'gone to seed' or 'bolted' they will not be edible but will make the bees very happy as you have already discovered!

27 Jul, 2011

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