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Luxury phalaenopsis orchid

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I have an orchid as above which was given to me for my 70th birthday last August so is precious. It had beautiful flowers but these have all fallen off, leaving a central stalk with three side shoots which held the flowers. Should I prune this and if so, how and where? Please help!



Sometimes if you cut the flower stem to just above the highest node on the main stem it will create a new branch of flowers. This can take about 1-3 months to happen.

Cutting the flower spike off completely at the bottom won't harm the plant either but whatever you do make sure you use a sterile and sharp blade.

Picture of a node:

28 Jan, 2009


One tip for your orchid - which I am assuming is a Phalaenopsis - is to give it a shock. You do this by placing it in a cooler room - about 5 degrees down from its normal temp. Leave it there for about 3 weeks and when you bring it back, it usually does the trick!

They often produce a new flower spike from between two leaves, not only from the node - watch out for that and have your supporting stick ready!

29 Jan, 2009

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