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Can I force rhubarb in only its second year?

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I gave away my rhubarb a couple of years ago but Boss Lady has insisted that it is delicious and a neighbour gave me a replacement crown last year which took beautifully and produced quite a lot of stalks, which I left. The thing is I would like to force some but is one year too early? I believe that forcing drains its energy. I have the bucket but can I risk it this year or am I better waiting?




Feed it with a strong solution of Tomarite now. Put plenty of straw round it under the bucket.
Take one pulling, leave the straw around it with the bucket off. You should get more fruit later when it recovers.
Back up with a new crown somewhere else in the garden or in a large pot.

28 Jan, 2009


ofcourse forcing it is only starving it of light so it reaches out looking for it.i think im right on that

28 Jan, 2009


Thanks DrBob will do that. Yes NP I think that is why it exhausts itself if not looked after properly or not properly established.


28 Jan, 2009


if u just left it under there it would go pale and die

28 Jan, 2009

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