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How to care for Phalaenopsis orchids?

Chenango/NY, United States Us

My Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid has been in profuse bloom since last February. It has 5 flowers left and 8 new buds coming. What should I feed it? All I have done in nearly a year is water it. It has produced at least 40 magnificent flowers non stop since I purchased it.




If you go into a decent garden centre they should have specific feeds for Orchids. There is usually one for when it's flowering and one for when it's growing it's new leaf/roots. They can also come in crystal and liquid form but crystal is probably better if you have several Orchids.

You can use general feeds but you then have to start diluting it to weaker strengths so it's probably safer with Orchid specific feed.

28 Jan, 2009


It sounds and looks as if you are doing pretty well with it anyway!

28 Jan, 2009


Beware of the litlle plastic bottles that you cut the end off, tip upside down and poke into the compost. They run out far too quickly and deliver feed all the time, I just don't get on with them - they are expensive and my orchids didn't like them either. I have a little pot of crystals and a pot of liquid too. I follow the instructions for use, as Rydeboy has suggested.

29 Jan, 2009

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