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How to kill off grass.


By Ipfewt

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, we own about one acre at the back of our house. I have decided to start growing some vegs. The land used to be market garden land, and we have owned it for 16 years. We want to clear about 18 sq metres of grass without chemicals
before I rotovate the ground. Any ideas. thanks Ian.



I have never used it but supposedly if you cover the area in wet newspaper then with black plastic and leave for a couple of months it will kill the grass. Like I said never tried it!

28 Jan, 2009


Try asking a friendly farmer if you can put a few of his ewes on it, you get it fertilised for free too!!

28 Jan, 2009


take off the turf and pile it up somewhere greenside down. it will make a lovely loam soil in about 9 can hire a machine to do this . we covered our pile with an old carpet and then used the resulting soil to fill a raised veg bed , hope this helps...........steve

28 Jan, 2009


That sounds like an excellent idea Steve, i'll have a load of grass to get rid of this year as well.

29 Jan, 2009


I like Steve's idea too! When I did my veggie patch I think I just burried the clods of grass under the soil where they rotted down by themselves.

30 Jan, 2009

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