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Please find me a climber that is NOT poisonous and will grow in windy place and , if poss pretty in summer.And a small tree for the front , MORE WINDY !! THANKS GRANNYLINE

United Kingdom Gb

we live high up In Cornwall , because of disabilities we need easy care plants .Would slso like to grow olive and so on .



The only plants that I think will fit the bill are climbing Roses..

Boston Ivy might be ok too but the autumn red leaves probably won't last very long in high winds.

29 Jan, 2009


A small tree that doesn't mind coastal or windy places is the Mountain Rowan - Sorbus aucuparia. This has white flowers in late spring, and orange/red berries in the autumn, when the leaves turn yellow as a bonus!

I have checked on the poisons list and it is not there. :-)

How about a Honeysuckle for your climber? Roses - yes, Rydeboy is right. Over to you now!

29 Jan, 2009


Aren't Honeysuckle berries toxic Spritz?

29 Jan, 2009


What about clematis armandii? I'm not sure if this is poisonous or not, but it flowers in Spring and is evergreen. About the tree, I would choose some form of Pine, small one of course, they are better in windy conditions.

29 Jan, 2009


Although officially a shrub, tamarisk grows ten to fifteen feet and will tolerate exposed conditions (it is often recommended for coastal gardens)

29 Jan, 2009


I'll check them -, only two named on the list, Lonicera tatarica and Lonicera xylosteum. They are both shrubby ones.

29 Jan, 2009


How about Cissus striata Armandii for the back garden.
Tamarix parviflora (Africana) tetrandra for the front garden.

29 Jan, 2009


Sorry Andrew we posted at the same time.

29 Jan, 2009


Ah ok! We've found Clematis armandii to be pretty hit and miss up here, we lost about 15 of them last winter. Might be more suited to Cornwall weather though.

29 Jan, 2009


Many thanks for all the help . I'm afraid honeysuckle (Lonicera) are poisonous , the berries .Clematis was "Gone with the wind" also Passiflora !! Cordylines everywhere , always picking up leaves !! Grannyline

30 Jan, 2009


How about a red leaved Acer pseudoplatanus (sycamore) for the tree and Garrya elliptica for the climber, although it doesn't actually climb but is used as a wall shrub.

31 Jan, 2009

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