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Bargains to be had at Poundland


By Sunday

west mids, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the planning your gardens', and if like me pawing over the plant catalogue when not at work.

Anyway, you properly all know, but for those who doesn't, you can get some bare rooted plants from poundland.

I was happy to order my lupins, hostas, and other perennials from a catalogue, but when talking to another customer in wilkos the other day guessed it plants, she told me to take a look before sending off that order...

I'm glad I did. Also, Aldi sells bare rooted shrubs for £1.06.

So go grab yourselves a bargain

Which now poses the question, do you think I should buy the plants now, if so what do I do with them before spring?

Should I plant them in pots or leave them in their bags?

I am only buying perennials and shrubs.

Thanks in advance



hi sunday,
i know all these pound shops and supermarkets sell really cheap plants which hopefully will tempt people into trying gardening, but i wonder how it will affect the nurserys and gardening centers ?
not sure when to plant bare rooted shrubs..................steve

30 Jan, 2009


Bare-rooted shrubs can go into the soil as long as it isn't frozen. Soak the whole plant in a bucket of water for a few hours first.

Definitely don't leave them in their bags - they'd dry out and you would have an ex-shrub!

Perennials - I think I would pot them up for a while and then plant them out in March. They will have had a shock being uprooted and plonked in a warm shop in a bag. They'll need to settle in a sheltered place (outside) - or maybe even the cold frame, I think.

30 Jan, 2009


Steve, the Supermarkets and pound shops aren't going to do too much damage to Garden Centres, the plants they sell are limited in variety and there isn't a large stock really. You will get the odd clematis or rose and maybe an Escallonia, and they certainly wouldn't sell the amount you would need to make a hedge. For people with a limited budget who are just getting started I think it is a great introduction to plants, when these people get more experience they will probably go to the garden centres as their requirement will grow with their knowledge.
I agree with Spritz about the planting. I got an order from J Parkers the other day and I have put all the perennials in pots in a cold frame, I'll plant them out in the Spring.

30 Jan, 2009


Just remember that you get waht you pay for. I have to say that the quality of plants in Aldi.Lidl. Wilkinsons and Poundland have never attracted me as the quality of the ones I have seen is so poor that it would take an awful lot of effort on my part to make decent specimens out of them.
I would think that buying poor stuff like that would put people off gardening rather than encourage them. I mean who wants to wait 4 years for the apple tree to produce fruit, cos the ones I have seen are all 1 year maidens and they do not normally begin until they are 5 years old!

30 Jan, 2009


Agreeing totally with Steve and Owdboggy,
at your Garden Centre you can buy bigger and better plants which have only just been lifted from the Nursery beds, whereas cheap plants in plastic bags sweat as they have been there for a long time.
Plant them straight out so they can establish in situ and not have their roots disturbed twice.

30 Jan, 2009


True, but expensive for the sort of people that shop in Poundland, Aldi and places like that.

30 Jan, 2009


Thanks for all your advice and opinions...ouch!!!

We normally order plug plants from gardening direct, and purchase from local nuseries.

To be honest, I did wonder about the quality, but they did look quite healthy to be honest.

I'll let you all know how I get on.

30 Jan, 2009


sorry sunday , just get worried that the supermarket giants are taking over the world , so to speak , and small local shops are going for good , anyway...rant over , hope your plants take ok.........steve

31 Jan, 2009


Hi Sunday
I have bought cheap shrubs from Aldis etc..And I ve founds the succees of them a bit hit and miss,also they dont seem to give the specific variety,so you could end up with a monstrous large shrub when all you wont is somethig compact. But you can pick up some bargains,enjoy your purchases

31 Jan, 2009


I understand what you mean steve.


Thanks, I do think you have to be wary of purchases, especially when there are no names only, 'evergreen shrubs'.lol

31 Jan, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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