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What size container or pot for Blueberry?


By Wilf

I have a juvenile plant which I wish to pot-on for a period of 3 years. What size of container should I use please?

On plant Vaccinium corymbosum



I'm not sure about temporary potting up, Wilf. I am new to blueberry cultivation, but, when researching for mine, which has to be in a pot for the next 2 years, I read that the final container diam. should be 30-38cms/ 12-15", or have a capacity of 50 litres. Remember to use ericaceous compost and water only with rainwater if poss.

23 Mar, 2008


Hi Wilf I saw your question and had to agree with David on using ERICACIOUS COMPOST and the occasional liquid feed with Ericacious plant feed. I purchased a very small plant 2 yrs ago and repotted last year into a 40 ltr patio pot.It has thrived and I had a great crop of blueberries last summer and the plant hast continued to put on good growth.Hope this helps .

24 Mar, 2008

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