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Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have built a fence to block out a new build below my country farmhouse in Ireland. The fence is a 5ft tall 100 feet wide picket fence on top of a low wall and fronted by a gravel path. The path has good growing ground beneath the stones. The site is on a hillside and is therefore open to the elements without any shade at the moment. Ideally I would like to put in rambler roses together with evergreen honeysuckle and evergreen clematis but realise that because I will not be there during the winter these may need more attention than I can give them. I could put in evergreen ivy but am afraid this may choke everything else. I would like something that grows quickly to block the view. It is quite a big length of fence and perhaps a few evergreen bushes at intervals along it may help. The birds have conveniently dropped a line of seeds about 5ft in front of it and kindly given me a few young saplings to help. Any help would be much appreciated in the advice area please. Thank you.



i think your salution excuse my spelling is in the watering realy . have you thaught of getting that pouras pipe and a timer and plumming it in then what ever you plant should be fine . when your there you may have to adjust it to be right and winter plants are generaly dorement . i think this is will do the job and you can growwhat you like .

29 Jul, 2011

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