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Which Diascia is this?
i bought it at a market labelled Diascia, but nothing else.
i thought they were annuals, but this one, in a barrel but unprotected has survived three winters sofar.
one of the winters we had a brief spel of -15C...?
Spritzhenry maybe you know?

On plant Diascia




It's not the usual complaint about photos on here, but this photo only shows a close-up of the flower, and doesn't show the plant's overall shape and habit.

There is a perennial Diascia - D. rigescens, but I can't see if this is it, or not.

I've found it to be a short lived perennial, but it does take from cuttings.h

30 Jul, 2011


Thanks Beattie, i am fairly sure this isnt a D.Rigescens.
it is not upright enough
i posted a few more photos just now, to show overall shape.
i will try to plant some in the ground next to see how it survives there, lovely groundcover!

30 Jul, 2011


I can't find the extra photos Resi. I've looked at your photos and also to see if you've posted them as a new question. You COULD edit this question and add 2 more here if you want to....

I've been away & come back - your new photo is now showing. Deffo NOT D. rigescens. I hope Spritz or someone else will know.

Perhaps it's this one? -

30 Jul, 2011


thanks Beattie, i think you found it, describes it exactly.
And if i hadnt got one i would want to get one after reading the describtion on this site.
Good site btw.
and not that far from us, so very helpful for ideas in this climate

30 Jul, 2011


I'm so glad it was helpful! :-)
It does sound like a gorgeous plant.

30 Jul, 2011

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