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Can anyone recognise this plant. It is about 6/7 foot tall and in the spring it has clusters of white flowers. I think it is evergreen but not sure. Hope someone can help - Thanks




The leaves don't look like evergreen leaves. It looks like a Viburnum opulus (Guelder rose) to me. There are some "cultivated" varieties that have round balls of white flowers (eg v. opulus 'Sterile') and more natural forms that have a flat plate of white flowers, more like an elder.

If I'm right it should have translucent red berries in autumn.

30 Jul, 2011


I hope it does. I was very disappointed to discover too late that mine was the sterile one, and I bought it because I love the berries. Ah well, we live and learn.

30 Jul, 2011


I thought it was guelder rose too. The wild ones are really lovely round here this year---full of berries (where the council hasn't had them hacked off!) Such a shame and a waste of food for our struggling bird population.

31 Jul, 2011


Thank you for the info. Does anyone know how high it grows?

1 Aug, 2011


That depends on how high or low you prune it! Left alone, my information says it grows to about 4-5 metres. It's a good hedging plant and can be cut to the size you want it to be.

1 Aug, 2011

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