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Hi,I would like to use two or three Blueberry bushes to grow into a hedge

Devon, United Kingdom Gb


I would like to use two or three Blueberry bushes to grow into a hedge, to grow to about 5' high but not very wide about 2'6" and about 5' long. I am reading up on how to grow them but could someone please give me a clue on a variety, so many! mid-season or a mix. Thank you.



Hope you have acid soil where they are going. I guess you could mix the varieties as long as you check the eventual size so you don't get uneven growth. I've never heard of a blueberry hedge - you trendsetter you! Let us know how you get on.

1 Aug, 2011


Hi Steragram,

Thankyou for your reply and sorry for my late one. Have been planting blueberries!

Well after trying a punnet of "Bluecrop" from Morrisons i decided on that variety. They were large, sweet and delicious.

The piece of ground i had was 8-9ft in the end, So i bought four lovely quality 18"x18" plants from my local Otter garden center. I got two for £12.99 and after looking around i thought these were good value. They were very helpful and as you said they advised a bag of Ericaceous which i mixed with my soil and a bit of farmyard manure. Will add a bit more manure as a winter mulch later. They should grow 4-5' high which will be perfect.

Trendsetter lol. Needed to replace a small piece of dead conifer hedge. So as i love blueberries wondered if this idea might work in my small garden.

Will let you know how it goes and thanks again.

17 Sep, 2011


Sound like a good idea - do let us know if it works :)

18 Sep, 2011

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