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Where to buy corydalis plants

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently cleared an area of my garden that gets hardly any sun and tends to hold the moisture (heavy clay soil). Looking for plants that will tolerate shade, I bought some corydalis seeds through Ebay, but these have failed to germinate. Is it possible to buy rooted cuttings of this plant, and if so does anyone know where?



There are a lot of different corydalis so you should not have too much trouble finding a supplier.
I checked Plant Finder on the RHS website and one nursery (fairly local to you) is Slack Top Nursery in West Yorkshire - their website is

31 Jan, 2009


Hi Ron....I have the yellow type all over my're very welcome to have a piece.

31 Jan, 2009


There are plenty of little plants that enjoy shade, Ron. Try the Anemone nemorosa group, Convallaria, Hepatica, Geranium phaeum and Omphalodes cappadocica just to start you off!
Really, it would be wise to improve the soil before you plant anything!

31 Jan, 2009


Just a point about Corydalis seeds. They have a very short life span, like days rather than months, so any you get unless straight from the plant are DEAD!

1 Feb, 2009


Ron - another thought for your shady damp area - do you like ferns and Hostas? They'd do well there. Also Hellebores.

1 Feb, 2009

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