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Raised bed base?


By Shopna

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Hi, I want to start my own veg plot using raised beds. My garden currently consists of a border of small bushes / trees around the edge, a bit of lawn in the middle and concrete paving nearest to house. Ideally I will be clearing most of this but my question is do I have to put a surface/base between the soil/compost that will fill my raised bed and the existing ground (be it currently soil/lawn/concrete) Please can I also have some advice as to drainage and how watering raised beds work? Will the water drain through to existing ground or collect at bottom of a base? Basically how do raised beds work? I'm clueless!



litterally make your raised bed border .i have a tip dont put wood next to soil so if you use sleepers say put a little bit of futtings in for the sleepers to keep them out the dirt.get some good topsoil deliverd ,fill it to your desired hight.stamp it down and treat it like any other veggie patch.the water is supposed to run through or it would be a bog garden.i hope i helped

31 Jan, 2009


No you do not need a base at the bottom of the raised bed, you should dig over the soil in the bottom of your raised bed and add some grit, then fill it with topsoil and compost and some horticultural grit and plant away, this will ensure that any water will drain through and not cause a bog garden as NP said above.

1 Feb, 2009


sounds good to me andrea

1 Feb, 2009


Follow this link ( to a picture of my raised veg patch. A base isn't required.

31 May, 2009

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