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We planted a plum tree in the spring and it has grown quite well, but I now notice that the leaves on some of the branches (particularly the top ones) seem to be curling and not looking very well. Could it be due to lack of water, as it has been very dry for a very long time here in Yorkshire. Or maybe it is some kind of disease. If so, what treatment would it need. Hope you can help.



I wonder if its the same problem as my damson. Have a look at my questions and you'll see some helpful answers. Hurray for S Yorks - I was born in Sheffield and lived there for 20 years.

3 Aug, 2011


If you only planted this spring then I trust you have been watering regularly to allow the tree to establish its root structure.

4 Aug, 2011


Could be aphids, Muddy. Plum leaves are very popular with these little green pests, as are cherry trees. We gave our cherry a good strong spray with the hose from underneath, and it seemed to do the trick. Have a look inside the curled leaves, and you'll soon tell if it is aphids as they'll be hiding in there. If it isn't, then it probably is lack of water, as MG suggested. Annie (Cumbria)

4 Aug, 2011


Thank you for all the info regarding plum trees. I will have a better look at them now.

5 Aug, 2011

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