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I have a small ornamental willow tree (purchased last year in Tesco). It's been growing really well but in the last few days I've noticed some orange spots/streaks on the leaves (look almost like rust).

Can anyone give me advice about what is up with it and also whether it will affect other nearby plants. Is there a treatment for whatever is affecting the tree or do I need to pull it out of the garden? Ta.



id imagine and realy this is just a guess that this warm spell has dried it out a bit as willows need a lot of water anyway and then you say you havnt planted it long ago .id give it a good soak . it mite be worth putting one of them tubes in the ground to water it so you know its roots are directly getting the water .remember this is just an educated guess lol x .

5 Aug, 2011


I think it is rust disease. I was given the advice on this site to spray it with a fungicide for rust.

5 Aug, 2011


It's been in the ground since our garden was done a couple of months ago and before that it was in a pot since I bought it about 6 months ago, NP. This is the first problem I've had with it so I suspect Ojibway93 has got the solution...using fungicide for rust.

Thanks for your replies.

5 Aug, 2011


ow good im glad you got it sorted anyway x .

5 Aug, 2011

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