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Pest ID Please..

Found a few of these on my 2 Standard Bay Trees. When I cut into them a puff of blue powder came out, There's something moving about in the knobbly growth too..I have never seen them before in my garden.. An ID would be appreciated...

Bug_id_on_bay_030 Bug_id_on_bay_027 Bug_id_on_bay_024



Looks like Bay Sucker - if you use your leaves in cooking, and the infestation is extensive, not sure what you can spray with that's okay on edible crops. If its not widespread, pick off affected leaves.

5 Aug, 2011


May I ask does it turn into anything else Bamboo?

5 Aug, 2011


Not sure what you mean, Drc - the pics above show the first stage, when the eggs are laid, then the bottom pic shows the nymphs hatched out, with their waxy coating. Bay sucker at all stages.

5 Aug, 2011


I was hoping they became pretty butterflies or something?

5 Aug, 2011


Sorry for late response. Been writing a blog that took over an hour!!
Bay Sucker, Bamboo, That figures, these 2 Bays have had every insect and disease going this year but there still looking good lol. There were 5 leave's and 2 on the other tree infected, there gone now and im keeping an eye on,I dont use them in cooking and ive sprayed them already.. Thankyou...
Drc, wish they were, I can see how you thought that, The Swelling Does'e looks like a caterpillar, at first i thought they were untill i saw the Nymphs...

5 Aug, 2011



5 Aug, 2011

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