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My lemon balm and mint plants are covered in greenfly - Ive never known herbs be affected by aphids. Is there anything safe to spray them with?



Assuming your herbs are in the ground a sharp blast from the hose may well remove most of the bugs.

5 Aug, 2011


If not, spray them thoroughly with an organic soap solution, and be prepared to wash the herbs thoroughly before using them.

5 Aug, 2011


Hum I wouldn't want to use herbs sprayed with anything even if it were organic Tugb.

5 Aug, 2011


I'll admit that the kind of washing you have to do afterwards is almost enough to make you go to the nearest organic grocery store. That's why I prefer to dose my herbs well with ladybird beetles in the spring--too late for that now, though.

6 Aug, 2011


perhaps a solution of water and vinegar should do the trick. As lemon balm likes a bit of acidity it shouldnt cause any problem, thats what i use on my cabbages and basil.

Although I don't have any lemon balm to test it on at the moment as my seeds don't seem to want to start.

27 Mar, 2012


The trouble with that, Prince_medic, is that vinegar is very good at killing foliage in surprisingly small doses. It might be hard to find a dose that bothers the aphids without bothering the plants.

28 Mar, 2012

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