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HI ALL...Im currently using a paraffin heater, i`ve been considering a small electric heater with a thermostatic control, has anyone used one and are they overly expensive to run ? Your opinions will be valued !




~yes I use one like this all the time that I purchased from Homebase for under £20 quite a few years ago~ they still have something similar when I was in the other day.
I have it set to keep a temperature of 10 degrees and it switches itself off and on thermostatically to maintain that..
My huband pays the electricity bill but it can't be too bad or he would moan!
We have the greenhouse lined with bubble wrap on one of the sides but you could do right round for better insulation.
A word of warning however~ don't put anything too close in front of it or it will be blasted with heat and might not like that too much!
I stand mine on the bench close to the door and it is blowing heat down the length of the greenhouse!

6 Feb, 2009


We use one too and if you have the benefit of Economy 7 electricity tariff, which I believe means cheap electricity between 12.30am and 7.30am, you're quids in.

6 Feb, 2009


I have one too Peedee...and set mine to 9/10 degrees the same as Arlene, and fortunately sleeping partner doesnt mind paying the electricity bill as he says its my hobby and Im quite cheap to run{Not sure I like the statement} but it is more expensive that parafin. I actually bubble wrap the greenhouse all round , and do it in 2 layers to really block all the overlaps........

6 Feb, 2009


I use one as well, Peedee, and it is so much easier to use than a paraffin heater, as you can set it to a specific temperature to keep your greenhouse frost-free - so you must get one with a thermostat! I know there are cheaper versions without one.

Obviously, you don't have the problem of constantly re-filling the heater, either!

6 Feb, 2009


I want one. Still waiting for my wife to come good on the promise of outside electic socket she promised for my birthday. Then I too can get one in the greenhouse.

7 Feb, 2009


I used to use a parafin heater but changed to a greenhouse fan heater. The atmosphere is much better with the fan heater as parafin chucks out a lot of moisture that doesn't get to evaporate. This can cause mould, diseases etc.
If you put the fan heater plug on a timer switch and have it come on overnight it's more economical. Also you never forget to turn it on and off.

7 Feb, 2009

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