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Hi lads and lassies, desperately need advice as to the state of my once lovely Berberis and what to do to solve this.
Do I prune, if so when and how much and will that help. Thanking you in advance....

On plant Berberis

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Hmmm...not too happy, is it. Mine thrives on pruning, so why not give it a good prune, feed it and hope for the best? It isn't the best time to prune it, but I think I'd risk it.

8 Aug, 2011


Can I ask how old it is Lincslass?

8 Aug, 2011


About 8/10yrs Drc and was very happy in that spot.
Thanks Spritz...

8 Aug, 2011


It has substantial growths of lichen, they can take hold on on slow-growing woody plants, I have it this year on my Hibiscus.
While the lichen will not kill your Berberis, it has had an absolute field day on it, because the shrub is suffering from some other problem?
Generally lichen-covered shrubs are either choked by weeds/grass or have been neglected/damaged and are thus failing to grow at a decent rate each year. I do think yours is very small for its age?
I would clear the ground underneath and fork in a general fertiliser and then mulch and I would not prune yet and hopefully the shrub will start to outstrip the lichen.

8 Aug, 2011


Thanks Drc, I`ll have a go at that tomorrow, its in the middle of one of my flowerbeds but there is space under and around it for me to be able to do that....

8 Aug, 2011


I think its worth a do Lincslass

8 Aug, 2011


I would also pull out (maybe transplant?) everything within 6 inches of the edge of the bush, to reduce the competition. 2-3 tablespoons of molasses in a gallon of water would probably do it some good, too.

8 Aug, 2011


Thankyou Tugbrethil...

9 Aug, 2011


Has it recovered, now we have had some rain? I have been amazed how some of my plants have recovered now, after drooping during the dry summer even though they were watered frequently.

29 Sep, 2011

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