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By Googie

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

should I put my manure straight on my garden or mix it with topsoil. The manure has been stored from last year. Also when is the best time to do this. I cant really dig it in as I have alot of plants resting under the soil so am I ok just raking it on the top of the soil? Thanks



If you grow roses or Clematis they would enjoy a mulch of the manure in the early spring, round their root areas, but don't let it touch their stems.

Otherwise, it could be forked into the soil between your plants,also in early spring, and put a layer into your compost bin, as this speeds up the compost really well!

8 Feb, 2009


I think a layer on teh surface would be ok wouldn't it Spritz? I would think the wormios would take it down over time..... :-)

10 Feb, 2009

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