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Growing carrots


By Milky

United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone know if it still possible to buy Bromosphos. I do get really troubled with carrot fly here, and although last year I tried the resistafly variety, I got a worse crop than normal growing Autumn King. I have also tried fleecing but that didnt make much of a difference either.



Bromophos was banned several years ago. An organophosphate, which damaged seversl farmers who used it in sheep dips. Try sowing mixed with Onions or put a shallow fence to stop the insects finding the crop. ,

8 Feb, 2009


Milky, some of the old ways still work. You can start now by warming the ground with cloches, sow as soon as you can put your hand on the soil underneath and it feels warm. Also dust between the rows with soot and ashes. In the spring if you have Elder near you, cut branches and brush over the carrot leaves, the fly will go on the leaves and you can burn them.

8 Feb, 2009


Carrot fly does not fly very high. Putting some sort of barrier just two feet high around your carrots thwarts it. Whoever heard of a pest with vertigo, but it works

8 Feb, 2009


Thankyou Poaannua, Doctorbob and Andrew....I didnt realise it was now a banned substance. I shall try the fence around, and get hold of some of the neighbour's Elder in the spring. There was a reference to Elder and carrot fly on the Victorian garden last week, Crushing the leaves, adding boiling water, and some grated soap, and then spraying.....might give it a try...........

8 Feb, 2009


Hello Milky.
We've planted the cheap n cheerful marigolds next to carrots each time, and each time has worked, so far...
I think there's a sideways pic on my photos page.

9 Feb, 2009


Thanks Weeding, I am sure I have got marigold seeds free from AG last year, so I shall start some of those and try that as well...............

9 Feb, 2009

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