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problem with Mexican Orange Blossom

New Zealand Nz

Last year my MOB lost its leaves on half of the shrub. I pruned it back and expected the leaves to grow back evenly but the same thing has happened again. One half is very healthy looking with glossy leaves and the other half is nearly bare!

On plant Choisya ternata



Welcome to GOY. Sometimes the bark on the lower branches of my MOB is attacked, by something, possibly Slugs or Snails or it may be by Voles. As were my Acers last year. Check low down and see if the bark has been chewed away. Otherwise some other injury has occurred. Yesterday I found a large branch of MOB weightred down by the snow and broken so I had to remove it.

9 Feb, 2009


Is the bare side shaded? Or draughty? Or check under the leaves for bugs.

10 Feb, 2009

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