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Soft soap solution for getting rid of whitefly? What sort of strength do I make?how often do I apply it and how long does it take to work? I've got the beginnings of an infestation on my windowsill chilli and pepper plants.



I suppose I put a tablespoon/good squirt in a gallon of water? It works on the current infestation, but has to be repeated everytime you see them as it does not last more than a day or 2. I am now adding a drop of vegetable oil to the mixture, it makes it stick and seems to last longer.
Though on single plants like yours I would just gently rub them off with my fingers.

15 Aug, 2011


On small plants I wash them off under the tap. If convenient on a larger plant you can hold a jug of water under the infested leaves and just wash the fly off, but this would be too difficult if the infestation is widespread.

15 Aug, 2011

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