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Sexy Rexy Standard Rose


By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Ive got a "Sexy Rexy" Standard Rose .....this is weird in what has happened to the Standard Rose ...ALL the leaves have dropped off ...its still flowering..... and there are new leaf shoots appearing ....
Any idea whats wrong with it?




Need a photo Hijuju

16 Aug, 2011


Sounds as though it's got black spot, Hijuju. Did the leaves have blotches on them and then turn yellow before they all dropped off? Some roses are much more prone to this than others. If it is that, and a picture would help to identify it as MG says, you need to start spraying with a fungicide in the spring before the leaves have started into full growth, and then every 2 weeks after that. 'Toprose' is what I use. Annie

16 Aug, 2011


some of my other roses have black spot and the leaves have not dropped off...we always spray the roses at the first sign of black spot anyway

17 Aug, 2011


if you want to check out the other pictures of my Roses , got and have a look at my pictures

17 Aug, 2011

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