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i planted 4 goldcrest , 2 have whatlooks like brown tips and lower down at base and lower branches are brown not looking healthy at all. any advice



Sorry the only goldcrest I know is a small bird. Do you have another name for or a photo? Could you also tell us where you are on the planet please, it makes a difference.

17 Aug, 2011


they are goldcrest cupressus facing south east fife

17 Aug, 2011


Hello, Two possible problems could be the cause for browning, firstly they do require plenty of water, not just a good bucket full a week but a good watering every other day, lack of water and goldcrest can quickly brown and die off, the other reason can be caused by the conifer aphid which does attack goldcrest, look for signs of sooty mould aprox three inch in from the tips of the shoots, if aphids are present then spray with provado bugclear aprox four times a year, Goldcrest will grow very quick so carefull pruning to keep the natural shape is required otherwise it will look bulky in parts and a little scruffy, through the winter during heavy snow fall then try and knock off all the snow as this will pull the goldcrest out of shape, goldcrest are great for topiary, just keep them fed and well watered.

17 Aug, 2011


Goldcrest are a cypress - the ones with a lemon smell when you rub your hands through them. Every supermarket sells them between £2-3, so you see them everywhere.

They are hardy but brown easily if exposed to wind. They have shallow roots, so as Julien has said, water them regularly (though not with the rain we have had). I bought a few from Tesco last year and the winter killed the top of several of them and winds browned some branches - just cut them off and they grow back (unlike a lot of evergreens)

17 Aug, 2011


Thanks for enlightening me Julien and Kildrmorie

17 Aug, 2011

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